We serve the market of Low and Medium Voltage dry lines with low voltage supply up to 0.6kV and medium voltage up to 25 kV, strictly following the applicable standards.
They guarantee the operation of the electrical network and allow the measuring and protection instruments to work properly without having to have rated currents according to the load current of the circuit to which they are connected.
They operate at lower voltages, inducing voltages and currents, transmitting a certain amount of power or energy from one circuit to another.
Developed to meet the most stringent technical requirements for installations, they are applied to projects that demand specific needs such as: hospitals, renewable energy projects, distribution centers, etc.
Where quality, reliability and security are essential requirements.
They have special constructive characteristics that protect the transformer from current harmonics that cause losses and overheating in the transformer windings. Commonly applied in induction furnaces, variable speed motors, rectifiers, inverters, UPS, etc.
We meet the standards of Cabins approved by power dealers and National and International Technical Standards. We have a trained and qualified team who services end customers to total satisfaction.
Separation Transformer for Medical IT System
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Low voltage inductors/reactors
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Residry庐 Dry-type Transformers
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VPI Phase Transformer
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K-factor Transformers
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Medium Voltage Inductors/Reactors
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Current transformer for measurement
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Current transformer for protection
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Potential Transformer
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Encapsulated phase-shifting transformer
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Isolator Transformers
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Single-phase control transformer
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Single-phase power transformer
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3-phase control transformer
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Business Areas
We work with solutions for the most diverse segments of the industry, with a focus on total quality, seeking to contribute to development by optimizing the performance of industrial electrical systems, such as: metallurgy, automotive, thermoelectric, steel, mechanical industries, etc.
Oil and gas
Our focus is to contribute to the development of essential solutions for optimizing the performance of offshore and onshore platforms or any other means of action in the oil and gas sector, which demand and need energy generation for their proper functioning.
Renewable energies
We have know how in the development of technologies that meet the market's demands for renewable energy, contributing to projects that focus on energy efficiency, generating sustainable, renewable and inexhaustible savings and autonomy in companies, industries, rural properties and in the development of centers of renewable energy generation.
We have a long-standing commitment to the quality of all electro-electronic products and services, aiming to act in conjunction with socio-economic development and evolution in infrastructure, contributing to the performance of electrical energy projects, including the supply of water, gas, renewable energies, communications, sanitation, civil construction, among others.
Civil Construction
Our solutions are indispensable elements, responsible for contributing to the energy demand of builders and contractors in the execution of civil construction, building projects, and housing, industrial and commercial works.
We offer solutions for the electric power transmission area, contributing to the performance of Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution (GTD) by optimizing and increasing operational productivity at distributors, meeting all regulatory requirements.
We contribute to the performance of energy for the good functioning of companies that have a concept of horizontalization in manufacturing, based on building solid partnerships in the market.
Special Applications
We have a team of experts capable of meeting demands in special project applications. We meet the strictest technical requirements for installations in projects that demand specific needs such as in: hospitals, renewable energy projects, distribution centers, etc.
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